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Crackling noise from glass roof

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I can't tell size from the picture (our car only has the composite roof). 


But, Ian is correct, they DO get looser as they age, and judging from the  rough, 'worn' contact area at the peak of the seals in your pic, yours is ripe for replacement. According to the parts book, 3 meters length is required. A082U6123F


PS There is not supposed to be a gap where the ends are joined.  If you buy bulk rubber seal as a replacement, cut it a few mm 'long'...also, put a dowel in the hole of the seal where the join is, that serves to keep the ends aligned and in place.




I mentioned greasing the 'tongues' first, as they can squeak and creak as the roof panel moves around when the body flexes. In fact, if that DOES quiet the noise, Lotus issued a TSB recommending (first) greasing the tongues, then (second) filling their receivers with RTV (Betaseal), then (third) fitting the roof into place.  After 24 hours, the roof can be removed and the tongues can be cleaned...they will be much more secure then. The sealant will not stick to the tongues.



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Atwell Haines

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I've found that  applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly over the surface of the rubber weather shield where it meets the glass helps reduce that noise. I also put a little on the rubber bump stop on the latches and the metal tongues as well which also seems to help.

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