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clutch to floor

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Just had clutch and brake fluid replaced at a lotus dealer the  clutch was fine on the way home but later turned soft  so I returned the car only to have the same problem  after I returned home . On short trips its ok it just seems to happen on longer trips I have heard of the heat off the manifold problem  but the fluid is new so would that be the case, the car is a s1 2011  ps the pedal comes back after a few pumps on it

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It is air in the system.

Whether it is permanently there or being sucked in with use is the question. Seals could have been disturbed on flushing and are now not seating in the same place they used to. Not unusual on any car. On the other hand they may not have got all of the air out of the system.


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hi thanks for the replies but it only happens after the car has had a long run not on short journeys which are around town and then it stays as it should , if I leave the car a few days after short runs it stays fine ?

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I've just had the same problem, Short journeys fine then longer journeys clutch goes soft or stays on the floor.

I've replaced the Clutch Master Cylinder (Metal) Great job over Christmas! Now my problem is solved no more issues.

The factory had 10 in stock and I got it in a couple of days!

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This sounds like the same problem that I have thanks for that,  mine already has the plastic master cylinder fitted about five years ago  so it could be faulty. What sort of job is it to replace?


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Hi Paul,

You need 2 people for the actual swap but its a lot of striping. Headlights out, Clam off (which isn't too bad a job unless you have rusty fasteners).

One person needs to be in the footwell with a socket on the bolts for the MC and another person needs to loosen the nuts holding the MC to the firewall. Access is a little bit fiddly but not terrible.

You'll need a eazi bleed (available from toolstation or screwfix for about £20) to bleed the clutch when your finished or you'll struggle to get a firm pedal. The Clutch slave is on the passenger side rear of the car, you can see it next to the gearbox mount for bleeding. It is accessed from underneath the car but it sits on top of the gearbox. Some guides suggest splitting pipes to bleed the clutch but I wouldn't bother.

It took me about a full day as I had some bolts I had to grind off, I also replaced my AC condenser as I had the clam off and it was wrecked. 

If you have any questions give me a shout as it's still fresh in my mind.

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