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Hey guys,

I test drove a 1999 last weekend. Its a car with 17,000 miles on it. The first thing I noticed when I started it, was that everything shook, especially the rear view mirrors (inside and outside). Do these things run this rough all the time? I was told that it was normal, but I would like some independent verification. This is one of first I've been in for any length of time.

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No shakes, rattle and noticeable roll on mine. I'd check out a few before you buy. Whereabouts are you - if there's a member close to you they may be willing to give you a demo/help.

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My does not run rough but my mirrors do vibrate at idle.

Thats what I was noticing, especially the interior mirror. Guess its rather normal.

Another newb question.

Is this car difficult to live with around other parked cars? Since its low, and the doors are long, how difficult is it to get in and out of, say in a normal parking lot?

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The interior mirror can develop a vibration over time and it's usually the two mounting screws that hold it to the headlining that are incorrectly tightened (or attempted to be tightened) with no effect.

The mirror relies on the small rubber nipple resting on the inside of the windscreen to stop it from vibrating. Over time the mirror creeps away from the 'screen and leaves a gap between nipple and glass.

To fix it you need to carefully adjust the four long self tapping screws that hold the headling to the header rail. (they are behind the sunvisors - flap the 'visors down to see them) Try winding the two closest to the mirror in a couple of turns, but most likely this will make the glass/nipple gap even larger so don't be surprised if you have to unwind the screws a turn or two to get the nipple pushing up against the glass.

(It didn't even cross my mind to make any suggestive inuendos, you should be ashamed! :lol: )

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Mine has some vibrations at idle, I'm fairly certain it's down to the exhaust. When I first got it there was no vibration but when I had it serviced the exhaust had a couple of split welds. Once these were fixed it has a slight vibration to it, however the welds are still in place over a year later.

Mine does have a federal exhaust and I don't know if this makes a difference, my earlier V8 had the normal exhaust and no vibrations.

There is certainly nothing wrong with it.

Oh yes the interior mirror vibrates but Graham has described how to fix it. For some reason Lotus mounted the mirror on the trim panel rather than the car itself, on my Excel the mirror screws into a section on the underside of the roof - no vibrations there.



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My centre mirror vibrates sometimes at idle. Not a problem. It could be exhaust related and it didn't used to happen before I put the centre exit pipes on. I put it down to the mirror mounts coming loose over time...

Where about in the country are you located? Maybe someone on here can come to view a couple of cars if you find something you like.

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