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Clubs that qualify for an insurance discount

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I'm currently a paid member of a 'related but not really Lotus' car club that gets me 15% off my Classic Line Evora policy.  I don't get much value out of it though so am thinking of not renewing.

Instead which Lotus car clubs qualify for a car club insurance discount with Classicline?


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The obvious thing would be to ask Classicline that question....but I think you may be chasing unicorns here.   Do you know the price you get 15% off?   I have no direct experience of Classicline, but I have of many others over many years and they all seem to work on a random number generator.  You get a discount from many if you're a club member.  I'm a member here which gets discounts from some, Club Lotus which gets discounts from some, and was a member of LDC which got discounts from some.  I don't think any "discounts" have ever been applied after I was given a premium.   And if I ask, then the discount has already been applied (even though I may not have mentioned club membership before.)  Often an "introductory bonus" is more than a club discount and you don't get both.  The only sure way of knowing that you're getting a competitive price is to phone round and play one off against another.  A right pain which they rely on relatively few doing. 

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