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Replacing door frames 88 Turbo

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Hi all,

88 Turbo - I'm going to have to replace the black metal door frame (that goes around the side window) sometime soon. The original one has rusted badly and, despite many repairs over the years (I am a body work and paint repairer), the rust has almost eaten right through.

I have a pair of new (OEM) frames ready to go in but would appreciate any advice from someone who has already tackled this. I've been warned to expect a lot of trouble getting the new one to fit but what do I do about the quarter light windows. Assuming I can get them out unbroken what is the best thing to use to stick them back into the new frame?

Any suggestions of how to tackle the job (both the glass and the frame) would be appreciated.




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Did mine quite a few years back. No great shakes if i’m honest. Took the quarter windows out with a Stanley knife (can damage frames to protect windows) cleaned them up and refitted with a standard off the shelf adhesive (car building solutions is a good site for stuff like this). Refitting was fine, a little patience required to align them (spacing out to get a close fitting with door aperture) but no where near the nightmare that things like the exhaust manifold is. 
Definitely worth having plenty of washers (thick and thin) on hand.

With your experience you will breeze it mate!!! 


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Thanks Chris,

Although I've plenty of experience with body panels and paint I'm not a mechanic so stripping the door down is a bit out of my area. I'm always happy to have a go at most things but the specialist warned me that it can be a pig if bolts etc. are seized.

Sounds like you managed it without too much drama so I think I'll reserve a weekend and have go at at least one!

By the way did you have to take the doors off or do it with them in situ?



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Did mine in situ.

Have you taken the door card off before? If your worried about seized bolts you could dose them up with wd40 beforehand.

i removed the door window switches from the cards and re-connected them so that I could move the window glass. This gives you options to get at the various bolts. That said,  I think I disconnected the window glass from the motor when it came to actually removing the frames.



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They did change slightly at some point. I think the early frames had sort of boxes where the bolts go through.. whereas the later frames are just flat tabs with holes in. So be prepared that you may need different length bolts if the mountings are different.

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i am still doing mine.  getting the frame aligned with the window slide track such that the glass goes up and down without binding AND getting the frame snug at the top corner with the body shell hasn't been easy



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