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Hi peeps again has anyone had a series 3 tuned by Hanger 111, I have a 220 and would like a bit more oomph I have been told that the OEM ecu not much can be done and the aftermarket ones have to piggyback but I see on their site they do a phase two and phase three so possible 240, 260 is what im looking at, or with a komotec one but then I lose the lotus OEM settings which I would like to keep as I do maybe three, four, track days a year and rest for normal road use.

so to recap has anyone had something like this done on a series 3 surely many thanks again.

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I don’t think there’s a massive difference in grunt between a 220 or a 250 Elise, certainly not enough to throw thousands of pounds at. Unless you could get to 300hp I don’t think it’s worthwhile, and given how much that would cost, you’re probably better off just swapping to an Exige.

I’d invest the money in making it go faster through the twisty bits.

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Just to clarify some points on your original post,

the Komotec Upgrades phase 2&3 are complete kits with altered files reflashed via the OBD port to the original Ecu 

plus hardware.

They are the only changes ,everything else stays as OEM. Ie traction / stability control, idle etc.

The only other option is a replacement ecu and new mapping and the hardware to complete, this would move you

much further away from your stated goal,

if you are tracking seriously all be it a limited number each year , I would agree with the above 220/250 cup or exige

however if it’s more for the road I would stick with what you have ,  I have 2015 s3 the only thing that let it down was the exhaust note and to be honest the parts that made up the complete system, they work , but on a car like these they deserve a bespoke setup , and there lies the rub , you require the new ecu info to enjoy there benefits.

on the 17.5 year cars like Neals they sound great from the factory.

plus ,most mods costs will not be realised if you wish to sell and insurance has to be considered .

last of all ,the cups cars look amazing ,and I came very close to buying Neals car ( best Colour), but if you go to places as we do for our holiday etc there no way the Aero kit would remain intact .

After doing the bronze / silver days at Lotus the standard setup is more than capable for my ability’s on the road.

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