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Engine check light code

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Had the dreaded engine check light fire up a code P0140 stating it's an O2 sensor (Bank 1, sensor 2). Has anyone else had this before? car is running fine but want to get it sorted without driving it any further.


I think this is the part I need, can anyone confirm if this would do the job?  Any advice would be much appreciated if any of you guys have had this problem.

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Before buying any parts, have you tried clearing the code and starting the engine again?

Chances are that it was just a sensor wibble and the car is actually fine. If the engine light does come back (with the same code), then it’s time for further investigation. 

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While that aftermarket O2 sensor may work, you might have better luck using an OEM Bosch.

They're available under all these different part #s:

Bosch 0258006127

Bosch MHK 100840

Lotus A117E6007F

Denso DOX-2017

Rover MHK 1008 40L

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Thanks for your reply and your suggestion, I'll certainly ask the garage to check that first. Have I been a numpty by purchasing just a single sensor when it could be both? When I saw the fault as Bank 1 sensor 2 i just assumed that it would be just the one sensor that was the problem.

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It can also be the fuse 5A on the O2 sensor preheating. I had the sensor changed several time before being advised of that. I changed the fuse hidden in the fuse box ( on the left side rear passenger seat) and no problem since .



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