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Compomotive wheel refurbishment


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I had a disaster with Pristine alloy wheels who were thought to be one of the best. Just found out that they are no longer trading. Even if they were I don't think they would touch 3 piece wheels after the job on mine. The only person I found that would reseal them properly using fresh O ring was Roy at Paul Matty. The cost was very high but the wheels haven't leaked since they were done over 2 years ago. Could be worth asking who they use to refurb. The polishing part is relatively easy its the man hours needed to rebuild them properly which seems to put the refurbers off. But no doubt you'd be able to do that yourself anyway with your own equivalent of Roy. Restoring the original satin finish is not possible by anyone, they would have to be re-anodised and would look a mess on used wheels. So it has to be super shiny or nothing. Possible option to apply a matt laquer after polishing I guess but I never fully explored this.

If you find someone good, let me know!

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I always do my own and never had a leak yet, as Jonny says the man hours are eye watering, getting the cup washers is also a machine shop job. Sealing is fine using new ‘O’ seals, loctite 574 face sealant and Sikaflex 221 on the inner diameter hidden by the tyre.

I have done my own polishing a few times but quicker to get the rims done by pro polishers who have the larger cloth wheels.







Mark I would offer but finding time is a nightmare, happy to talk you through the process though.

Dave :) 

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Do or do not, there is no try! 


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