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600 miles annually, oil change every year?

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I have done done 600 miles the last 12 months in my Evora.  It is coming up to the time I normally send it to an independent to perform and oil change and other bits for service.

Given the low mileage would you guys still do an annual oil change or would you perhaps move to every 2 yrs oil changes.

I don't think the car needs it but there is always that question of future resale with an annually stamped service book.

I will probably be doing similar miles annually in the future given I share my driving across my other cars.

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Bibs is spot-on re potential sale. I don't change the oil annually on my 340R but I ain't planning on selling, 20 years in.

It makes me wonder about the M100 though. I did not change the oil when the MOT was done at B&C. Only 2,000 miles in 12 months and the oil is still golden syrup. The previous owner, in 25,000 miles, did a regular change annually so perhaps I should do so, as the history file is rather special on the M100. I love the M100 but I fear the one I have is a bit too good for me. I may be better off with a less important car. 

Mechanically, it is a nonsense, the oil will be fine but a buyer often likes to see every box ticked. Thinking about it, I have not changed the oil on the Elise S1 annually either. 5000 miles in just over 2 years. Mind you, I have changed a lot of other things on that car (fuel pump, suspension, thermostat etc....).

The Excel will have had 3 oil changes in 500 miles...……..don't ask.


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I do all work myself, so service history isn't a consideration but I still change the oil on all cars once a year, regardless of mileage (more often if mileage is high of course). It doesn't cost a lot, puts my mind at ease knowing there is good oil in the engine and most importantly, it's a good excuse to give the entire car a once over to spot anything that might need attention.


I have made many mistakes in my life. Buying a multiple Lotus is not one of them.


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I haven’t used a garage on any car in nearly 30 years but going to let James at SWLC look after my new purchase each year. Although more than happy to do the service I want to build a good relationship in case anything electronic plays up in the future or worse case being clutch failure or accident damage.

At over 10 years old main dealer history seems less relevant to me and having no dealers seals that thought.

Doubt I will clock up more than a couple thousand a year as bike most of the time and always busy weekends with the family and dogs.

Dave :) 

Do or do not, there is no try! 


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Old oil sitting in a unused engine is worse than oil with extra miles on it.   Engine combustion combined with moisture from condensation produces acids, normal use heats this mix up evaporating the water and burning off the acids while a car sitting unused or rarely used gets a buildup of these products where an annual flushing helps reduce corrosion.

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