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M7 x 45mm cap head sources

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Does anyone know of anywhere I can get the m7 x 45mm cap head bolts that hold the rear hub to the aluminium upright.  There is no corresponding part number at SJ.  I can get stainless but would prefer standard as to avoid ruining the aluminium in the need of drilling them out ( I had to drill one out this time)


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Sorry, didn't notice that you could get stainless..!

Will have a look for some zinc plated steel or similar...


50mm below, cut them down. Bit pricey but they look quite rare!


I tempted my Esprit V8 IS in bits...(sob)

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I knew I had ordered those from SJ a while ago, but it did take me some searching. The part number changed to B082D4106F, stil available:


I have made many mistakes in my life. Buying a multiple Lotus is not one of them.


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So the big question is - what did you do. Having smashed one of these fixings out earlier - I need to replace mine - but SJ are shut.

Only here once

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