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I'm in China


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Is that a 7-11 on the corner?

When I first went to Japan, I was glad of the dual-language signs but wondered how the Japanese managed in the West as we don't have signs in English, French, Spanish, German or whatever and Kanji or Mandarin, just the Latin alphabet.

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Its not a 7 Eleven but very similar, although there was a 7 Eleven to my left when I took the picture.

People here are still very nervous, facemasks are no longer mandatory but 99.9% of people are wearing them, shops and restaurants although open are mostly very quiet. Buses and trains noticeably less crowded and often see buses with just one person per two seats. A new thing in Chongqing yesterday, the few bars that have been open for a couple of weeks have been ordered to close for an undefined period.

My company is buying a new washing machine for transmission housings, this machine will be delivered late because the supplier has been ordered to manufacture 10 mask making machines for the government before it can deliver any other equipment.

Its not over here yet.



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