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Esprit S1 - selling

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I’m selling my dream car.

A rare original 1977 Monaco white car. Respray and new interior. All in keeping with original trim.

I’ve had the car 13 years and it’s been a rolling restoration. Not concourse but excellent condition. Always driven. TBH a couple of oil leaks ATM should be easily sorted.

Would love to keep it but need something more up to date and usable. Now the body is less willing LOL.

I’ll be advertising in the spring but wanted to give first option to Lotus people so it’s being advertised on a couple of groups and forums.

I’ll start at £59995 as a couple of full restorations have recently been advertised at £80,000. But sensible offers will be considered. If it doesn’t sell I’ll keep it.

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I'm selling my dream car. A head over heart decision. 


After thirteen years I'll part company with it. It's just on forums atm as I ideally want someone in the  Lotus community to take it on. Its on the Lotus for sale site linked to this forum. 

My Esprit journey started on this forum researching and waiting for these rare cars to come up, so it'll probably end here too!! 😀 

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Look what Q's brought us. Isn't it nice!

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On 18/02/2020 at 13:59, Jeanvm said:

Good luck with the sale👍 but you should first sorted the oil leaks.

If you waited until everything was perfect you'd never sell them! 

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Look what Q's brought us. Isn't it nice!

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18 hours ago, Paul Coleman said:

It's an old British car, it's supposed to leak oil - that's how you know it's got any in it!

It's merely marking its territory like a kitten.

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