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Dry Sump Oil Pump Belt Removal


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I'm the proud owner of a 81 Lotus Turbo Esprit Dry Sump. After many years in storage I decided to put it back on the road and am in the process of replacing the timing belt etc. 

I'm at the point where I am removing the oil pump belt and due to their scarcity want to make sure I don't damage it. Since there is no tensioner I was wondering how others have removed it?  Is it just a matter of pulling the oil pump pulley on the crank?  Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Pretty sure SJ do them.  They're not exactly tight; I find some can just be eased off.  Or you can undo the central screw and take it off with the sprocket.

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There were various plus and minus sizes of belt, most of which are no longer available. SJ Sportscars do have a couple of sizes still in stock. Someone on another thread was investigating getting something aftermarket or remanufactured. Another thought is to space out the scavenge manifold to take up any slack (assuming the new belt is oversized.


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On 20/02/2020 at 11:26, derkbarrington said:

Thanks for the input. 

My belt is quite tight so I will try to remove it with the oil pump sprocket. Wish me luck.

Great looking car and congratulations. 
Would it be possible to have the serial number (last 4 digits) for the dry sump register? We have quite  a lot of LHD missing.

have a look in the Esprit chat section there is a long thread on dry sumps.



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what size are they in comparison to the lengths originally offered by Lotus?

Great news if these are a commercial reality. Well done 🙂

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So I bought the belt that you can still buy hoping it was correct for my car. Whilst under my car I threw a dress makers tape measure around the fitted  belt and measured it at 59.4mm. This proved to be longer than the belt I had bought Which had 60 teeth. So I divided the length of the bought belt by the number of teeth. This figure I divided into my belt length and gave me a figure of 61 teeth. I then spoke to classic world racing who sourced me a belt. The pitch of the teeth etc is correct but the belt too wide. They were able to cut it to the correct length. They also made me a 62 tooth belt to be on the safe side. Give them a shout ask for Mike he is very good. Just need to bite the bullet and try to work out how to fit the belt  j



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