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power upgrades

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Hello Everyone,  

small update on my car, I ended up choosing a Harrop TVS1900 non-cooled kit, mainly because there is no independent shop that specialize Lotus here and non-cooled kit is very easy to install. Just drove the car back from the shop and quite like the new found noise coming from the air intake. haven't really push the car but can tell immediately there is a lot more torque. Taiwan is known to have very hot and humid summer so decided to install aquamist water/methanol injection; shop pre tap a hole on the compressor for the nozzle and since ecu will not make any compensation to the cooler air (no IAT sensor after compressor) I will first try the smallest nozzle available from Aquamist(80cc/min). will update again after aquamist is in place.

Thanks the guys at SSC, their quick replies made the whole experience silky smooth.












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Due to its simplicity maybe one day in a future lock down event a nice project for Lotus Development Center Belgium 😀😀😀


@dixie v6 what do you think? 🤔

 @Team Lotus congratulations!  Looking forward to your experience with the TVS1900 and the Aquamist system.  So you inject the ethanol pre blower, correct?  How do you avoid running lean because the ECU won't know IAT are going down and won't compensate for a more "oxygen rich mixture"?  (sorry for these noob questions, have no experience whatsoever with ethanol injection).  Thanks for pioneering!



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Hello @Kristof Thys, inject pre blower and water only won't change air/fuel ratio. to get the most out of water/methanol injection you need to get the car tuned; i'm adding it not to increase power but just to prevent engine knock during summer track days. all info came from searching on google and asking around so if something doesn't sound right, please let me know. thanks!

red circle shows where the nozzle will be installed.


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Hello Guys, after getting some parts fixed I finally got the water injection kit installed last week. car is running on a Aquamist HSF3 kit with 0.4C 150ml/m nozzle.

car is not tune with water injection, rather its just there to add a bit of safety against detonation during hot days in Taiwan. So I was expecting some lost of power when it kicks in but surprisingly I don't feel any power lost when its running (butt dyno lol). feel free to ask me aquamist settings if you guys decide to get one. cheers 




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  • Gold FFM

What is triggering the injection, is it modulated and how big is your water tank? Looks like you'll burn through 1 Litre of water in 6 minutes. 💦

I had an Aquamist system on a previous V8 Esprit which if I remember correctly kicked in above certain IATs and matched the fuel injection duty cycle to control the amount of water injected. I have to confess I didn't apply much science to the setup and was probably lucky not to inject too much and do some damage.  😯

Good luck it should help a lot if you get it right. 



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@cweeden its trigger by fuel injection duty cycle signal. Good thing on Aquamist kit is that it doesn't just turns on and off, spray is controlled by a fast acting valve that ramp up spray from trigger point to max.

 kit does not come with water tank, so just I just bought one from "SNOW", tank is only 2.84L but it doesn't use much water on a 1.5 hrs mountain road drive. it still had 3/4 of water when i got home. Reckon it'll gobble up much faster on track.

I was afraid to put too much water so i first tried 80ml/m nozzle but ended up using 150ml/m, didn't try more flow cuz that's the biggest one i've ordered.

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