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Water Charge Cooler

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Looking for some advice for occasional track use In UK is it worth ditching the standard air charge cooler and replacing with a water based one or is some heat shielding on the air feeds into the standard charge cooler the way to go. 

Has anyone measured the incoming air temp with either of these in place to see if it’s making much of a difference ?

Thanks in advance. 

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No one replied to this... which is a bit surprising. I've sold my 2-11 a while back, but it had the stock IC (they are fitted with the larger LMS version, not the Exige S version). However I remember posts from 2-11 owners who tracked their cars that the side intakes had poor air flow & heat from the exhaust was further -VE, so they tried various things to counter this. 

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I recently sold my 211 ( now I wish I hadn’t!) 

I had done a number of performance mods including BOE Rev 400 SC  with air to water charge cooling . 
I can’t find the data logging with OEM temps but recall it was high after a few laps timing was pulled to protect engine , same issue as well document in the Elise / Exige . 

Track driving and sustained rpm is the problem , I didn’t have an issue on the street . 
Possibly the best and easiest proven  solution is the Pro Alloy kit

If you want more info re temps let me know and I will attempt to dig out .

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