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I've removed the rear undertray on my 2010 NA to do the aux belt and have been looking about for any other jobs that need doing

I've noticed that the handbrake cables are rubbing quite alamingly where they route thorugh the rear wishbones to the extent of wearing a groove into the bones and removing the plastic sheathing from the cables to expose the spiral wound inner. Is this in any way normal? I was thinking that the cables may have been fitted incorrectly but the service manual mentions the cables being routed "through the wishbones" so I think they are routed as intended

Has any else come across this and is there are fix as the car only done 25k miles and the wear is concerning?

...I was thinking of wrapping them in some split heater hose where the run through to stop them rubbing


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It's rather normal I believe. Mine are like that, as are others I've seen while underneath their cars. 

Not sure if there's a need for a fix. If nothing else, now our cars are even lighter. ;)

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Bit of an update - after the post above I fitted a split hose sleeve around the handbrake cable as a precaution however my Evora failed it's MOT today due to the handbrake not working on the NS.

Got back home to investigate and ended up stripping out the handbrake cable and rear NS brakes. The rubbing on the wishbone had caused the outer sleeve to wear through causing water ingress and the inner cable to completely seize. I've managed to get it free after much oiling and manipulation and re fitted the original cable and it should get through the re test tomorrow but the rust was so severe that the outer spiral cable housing (below the plastic outer sheath) has almost rusted through where it had been rubbing on the wishbone.

Next step is new cables (the offside is going the same way) - does anyone know a good source for them or better still the donor vehicle for the handbrake cables?



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