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cam cover breather pipe question

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Hi everyone,

Some Elite owners remove their car's airbox and air filter and put gauzes, "sock"s or "tights" on their carburettors trumpets instead.

In that case were do you plug the cam cover oil breather pipe that is normally plugged into the airbox ?



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As well as cool intake air,  the air box offers an element of safety if fuel drips out of the carb.

I don't think the direct venting lost much oil or affected the pressure - normally the vapour would have been burned in the cylinders anyway. It did turn the entire engine bay into an oily mess though - a catch can should have stopped it.

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Yes, it is fiddly to reattach. If engine noise increase is the goal you can get a KN inlet for the stock airbox as well. Maybe the best of both worlds. I have it and so long I am pretty confident..

that saying, if I ever get rid of the distributor, I will get proper KNs as well. I love just the look of them.

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