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I just wanted to introduce myself as the new owner of 520Y which I believe has graced these pages a couple of time. I have been looking for a project for a while now, and although originally after a late Eclat they seem to be few and far between, so moved on a year to get an early Excel.

I bought the car from Mark at the start of March and drove it the 155 miles back home - which it coped with admirably. My intention is to gradually bring it up to a better standard, although in a time frame that wont annoy my wife too much!

Things started this weekend with replacing the speedo drive cable - although I suspect the problem was just that the old one was not seated into the speedo all the way as it was not broken. I also did a compression test and degreased/jet washed the underside. For interest compression is 165, 175, 170,175 psi with a bit of oil in the bores (about 15psi less when dry).

Now the questions - I noticed that both the fans rotate in the same direction, but one of the fans is pushing and the other is pulling the air. The orange bladed fan is the one that is wrong as its trying to push the air out the front of the car. Is this an original fan, or off another car? and will I be OK just to reverse the connections to make it spin the other way around?

Also, what is the consensus on the best lifting points for a scissor lift (not a jack). Im wary of using the jacking points on the shell itself, but equally the chassis looks pretty thin at the base of the side sections. What is the normal place for lifting points if I cant get to the front and rear suspension (I suspect my lift is quite a bit shorter than the wheelbase).

Thanks all, and Ill try to keep this thread up to date as I (slowly) work on the car.




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Hey Richard, Welcome to the forum !

Nice find!     Love that color.

It looks like at least one of the rad fans has been replaced and I would guess it is the orange fan bladed one. These are dc motors so you should be able to switch the 2 wires and run it the other way, sucking in the air, as it is suppose to simulate just like when driving down the road.

There are jacking points on the bottom of the body but not the chassis.

I jack mine Elite with a hydraulic jack on the rear end and on the front cross member only. 

 You will need to find a workshop manual or wait for someone to post  a picture of where they are. Your scissor lift may fit as the places for lifting it are inside the wheelbase of the car.




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Lovely looking car! The narrowbody is my favourite Excel.

Cheers, Richard

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I decided to get the car up on the lift this weekend and take proper stock of what Ive got. Things didnt go so well as I was shuffling cars around, having parked the Lotus on the road I went to move it into the garage and on the lift - but it wouldnt start - not a thing, not even a click. Luckily my wife came home at that point so she got to steer as I pushed the car into the garage and onto the lift.

I had a quick peer around underneath first, having figured out where I could place lifting pads on the chassis. What I found was mostly expected. One of the rear seatbelt mount plates is very crusty, and the other missing completely. the exhaust seems to be more rust than metal, but the chassis seems to be in good condition with a good covering of 'protective' oil from the engine.


Whilst driving I had thought the breaks were not too strong, but put it down to lack of use and new pads. However I found the rear brake pipe was partly crushed against a bent bit of chassis - it looks like its been lifted here in the past.


I decided at that point to drop the car back onto its wheels and check out the starter motor. Removing that and testing it straight from a battery showed it span over slowly occasionally, but not consistently. Its now sitting on the floor of the garage while I wait for a new one to be delivered.

I also decided to remove the after market alarm system. This was wired with typical poor quality - a mix of scotch blocks and twisted wire held in place with black tape. I managed to strip it all out, and hopefully join the original wires back up properly. I guess Ill find out once I have a working starter motor.


Finally I decided to clean the air filters. This took 2 goes they were so dirty. While replacing them I wondered why I hadnt removed them to give better access to the starter motor. Oh well.

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