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Looking for Elite LHD or RHD if conversion is realistic


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Hi everyone,
I currently look for an Elite LDH as i now have 2 kids. 

i already went to see one. The car was stored for a long time in humidity condition for long enough to damage the wood inside. A professional did the minimum to put it back on the road and pass the CT (french Mot), so, to have break, not to leaky carbs, new front shocks, bearing, fuel tank and ss exhaust .. Around 4K of new parts. Some aluminium and chromes are damaged. (Can they be found ?).

 Engine seems rather ok but leaks oil from head, i guess it is cover seals and cam. Interior is new, all black. Plastic.  An horrible 80 small glass roof. Ventilation makes a terrible noise, and does not work. rear wiper was suppressed. Rev counter is silent. Car drive quite well, but smells fuel and burnt oil a lot, and... does not go straight on bumps likely because of 4° Kinpin angle difference between R&L on the front. Other angles are more symmetrical - +0,35° ( maximum 0,7° on front camber, 0,5 rear camber). Chassis is beginning to rust but it seem for the moment it is not too late, from what i could see.

How fast should i run away  or discuss the price more ?

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Sounds like a lot of work - almost all the classic problems.

My chassis looked ok but was totally shot on the rear crossmember.

A few lhd models come up in Europe on the car and classic

You can buy a big project cheap or hold on for a nice car for not a lot more!

Good luck!

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For the moment this car is expensive, and a lot of work... 
About trim parts, aluminium and chromes, damaged, can they be found or it already an impossible mission ?

For the chassis geometry how did you manage to make it right ? 


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Most of the trim can be found, a quick look on eBay throws up somebody selling a bundle of bits, all of us on here are always helpful when it comes to sourcing parts (probably because everyone on here has a stash of ‘just in case’ parts in the garage) and the usual suppliers will have access to some. The bits you will struggle to replace are the trims that run above and below the windscreen. These are hard to find, and because of their fragility, virtually impossible in good condition. Bottom line is everything is fixable, just depends on how deep your pockets are. 

Regular restorer. Rather less reliable forum poster!

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The king pin angle is fixed at 9 degrees - I suspect you mean the caster angle at the front.  This may be out from side to side because the bushes at the ends of the anti roll bar and the anti roll bar bushes themselves wear so much and these control the caster.  The anti roll bar could also be bent if someone has towed the car using it as an anchor point for a rope.  If the anti roll bar isn't bent replacing all the bushes should sort out the caster. 


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The series 2 is usually considered to be much better than the earlier models. The series 2 has a galvanised chassis, Getrag gearbox, bigger engine that improves low down torque, electric headlamp lift motors.

The early chassis models rust between the rear suspension turrets. Very hard to spot, even when up on a ramp. A replacement chassis is required - very expensive to fit.

The early Lotus gearbox usually gives severe problems, since it was not up to taking the engine's power. The Getrag is tough and much better.

If I were to be considering an Elite (I have an Excel, so I'm happy!) then I would only look for a series 2.

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