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Exige CUP 430 Type 79 with black wheels


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Hi guys,

I'm about to pull the trigger on ordering a new CUP 430 Type 79. Fortunately I can still get one albeit being over a year late. However, Lotus have informed my dealership that they won't be able to deliver the original gold wheels anymore. They will have to come in black instead. I'm not sure I would like that to be honest, it just looks wrong or "incomplete" for lack of a better word.

I could order a base CUP 430 as an alternative of course, but the Type 79 has that certain appeal to me (the famous F1 Type 79 being one of my all time favorites). 

I guess I'll have to make up my mind but I thought it couldn't hurt if I sought advice from the wise and all knowing forum community 😇 What would you do? Choose the Type 79 with black wheels, or the common CUP 430 ...?

Thanks. Joël 


P.S. I dread the idea of painting the wheels, so that's not going to be an option. 



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Any reason why they can't deliver the "original gold wheels" anymore ?
Perhaps they can't deliver the Type 79 2 colors wheels (with the silver circle), but perhaps they can do them full-gold (1 color only) ?
No more gold paint ? ^^

For sure, looks better with gold wheels !

If you go for a "common" Cup 430, you'll be able to choose another body color so that carbon fiber parts are more visible :)
I try to give you arguments for a "common" one ^^

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  • Gold FFM

You’re getting confused. 
The type 79 and 49 are both “common 430” cars that have just had some personalisation applied at the factory using the exclusive program.

as Gfw says  just get the wheels done by the dealer before collection. 

2nd paragraph:

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The Type 79 won't be the same as a "regular" Cup 430. Externally, it will come with carbon side skirts and rear canards, along with pin striping. The stripe along the top of the car will be different to a regular Cup 430. The interior will have a different seat stitching design as well as a wooden gear knob. The plaque on the passenger side will be different as well.

My car was delivered with black wheels, then Bell & Colvill had them painted gold to match the gold bits from factory.

Good luck! 




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The wheel type you are after has indeed stopped being offered. Its the diamond cutting they have had problems with. Just get the wheels painted gold locally, and then diamond cut the face. Also get them to do the wing uprights in gold, not half gold half silver - it looks a right afterthought

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