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Of course tyres are always a subjective subject, but can anyone recommend the best track-day tyres for a Sport 350?

My car currently has the standard suspension and cast wheels and Michelin PS4s, I am considering going to forged wheels with 10" rears and keep the current wheels and Michelin PS4's for wet track / road use.

I did consider Avon ZZR's, but they do not come with wider rears and are not road legal.  Cup 2's at 215/45 fronts will have a very slightly larger rolling diameter and rears at 285/30 slightly smaller, does this rule them out with standard suspension as it is not adjustable?

If so, what is the best dry road legal tyre to go for?

If I decide to go down the adjustable suspension route I was considering the one way JRZ shocks, does anyone have any experience with them? I have been told they do not have the tendency to crash bang over potholes compared with the Nitron one way's.

Finally, is there any measurable improvement using forged, rather than cast wheels?

I would really appreciate anyones advice at the best way to go, thanks!

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I’m considering a few of the same changes to my V6S. I want the forged wheels but by reading a few of the Exige Project pages it seems the biggest change to the handling is changing the stock suspension to the Nitron 3-Way.

The forged wheels are £2,700 from Seriously Lotus + tyres

The Nitron 3-Ways are £3,200 from Elise Shop + fitting and set-up

I want to go down the suspension route first but only when funds allow.  

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Did upgrade the suspension of my standard V6S about 2 years ago to Nitron 1 ways in combination with the forged wheels from team dynamics, who produce the lotus stock forged wheels.

It was quite an experience. The turning in to the curves was telepathic compared to the standard suspension and the reaction to the gas was more immediate. No more understeer. However didn't do any measurements to get numbers for acceleration.

At higher speeds at the autobahn the car is a bit more nervous, especially under braking if the road has a bad surface/tarmac. 

At the moment im going to change to 3-way Nitrons.

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This video is written in French but you get an idea. The guy compared forged wheels to the standard ones doing some acceleration in 4th gear and measured with a perfbox. If you go direct to 1:37, you get the recap. Average going upward and downward. Nothing really of a calibrate test but you get roughly 0.1s off with the forged wheels. I don't remember if the tires are the same on both. I do hope so as their own weight will have the same influence as the rims. 

The global enhanced handling and reduced inertia will be more noticeable to you than those numbers anyway. 

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Best tyres are cup2’s which are just excellent and don’t overheat. 

I have both lotus forged and bc forged wheels and they are a huge improvement over the steel wheels.

nitron 3 ways are great but nitron 1 ways if done well are all you will probably need.

I’m debating selling my bc forged wheels so if you fancy them please send me a pm. My Instagram (if you want to take a look) is

i run 215 front and 285 rear - my lotus wheels came with them as standard (cup430) but my bc wheels/tyres are the same size and I ran them on my old 350 with no issues. 

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Thanks for that very interesting comparison between the different weight wheels ralleysax. It is a significant amount clearly, I wonder how much that would amount to in one lap?

Also it shows that maybe the shocks and tyres would make a bigger difference for the investment?

I guess at the end of the day all these 3 factors work together, even so, which is the most important and would give the most benefit for the money?

Has anyone tried the JRZ shocks compared to the Nitrons?

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On 13/03/2020 at 20:33, paul lodey said:

When you changed to forged wheels and Nitron one way did you change tyres?

Is there a reason to go to the Nitron three way?

Hi Paul, 

yes, when i changed to forged wheels + Nitron 1 way i did go for Toyo Proxes R888R. Until now i tested the P Zero corsas, Michelin PS4, Toyos R888R, Nankang AR1 and Pirelli Trofeo R.  From these i got the most confidence in Trofeo R.  

Michelin Cup 2 i didn't try until now, mainly because i was told it works better on heavier cars + on a few trackdays i did see several cases of minor damage to the tire topping if driven seriously on lighter cars like an Alfa 4C or a seriously tuned Subaru Impreza for example.  

The reason for Nitron 3 way is the hope for slightly higher limit in corners - kind of a security aspect 😉

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Thanks all for the replies. Have now fitted Cup 2 tyres on 430 forged wheels, and am fitting JRZ shocks from Hangar 111. 

Will report after first trackday (Whenever that will be!)

On the road I can already feel an improvement from the forged wheels and Cup 2 tyres (Whilst delivering a hot meal to mother in law at good speed).

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Thanks for the update. Would be interested to hear your feedback on the shocks as I'm also considering a suspension upgrade.

If nothing else, the suspension drop and improved stance has to be worth 50bhp in the carpark! 🙂

It sounds like you did your homework, but to me the fact that the Cup 430 and 3-11 430 (final iteration of the 3-11) come on Cup 2's says something about the tyre.

The Trofeo was an option on the earlier V6 I believe (2013 V6 Cup etc), although I have no direct experience.

I managed to get one trackday in post picking up my 380 pre lockdown and was impressed by the Cup 2's in the dry.


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