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The block is closely related to the Vauxhall slant 4. 

Chapman was keen not to be beholden to others for his engines, hence the 910 (EDIT:907) engine which was first used by Jensen in the Jensen-Healey, then the Elite, Eclat and finally Esprit. 

The Renault 16 engine was used in early Europa to show Ford that others options were open to Lotus. 



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Pretty much but I would have to refresh my memory, as it is many years ago that I read up on all this stuff.

Certainly they constructed the engines at Hethel; I assume the blocks and parts were made in a foundry by a specialist firm but who supplied these, I don't know. 

So whilst some of the architecture is similar to the Vauxhall slant-4, the Lotus engine is very much a Lotus engine. 907 I should have said, of course. 

You probably need to read Tony Rudd's book 'It was fun!'. Chapters 19 and 20.


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Yes, Tony Rudd's book is highly recommended! I believe Justin's got this right, and I'd suggest the Vauxhall block architecture was determined suitable before getting on with development of the engine series as the earliest working versions ( Type 904, IIRC ) were built using bespoke Lotus components on the iron Vauxhall block. Ever the visionary optimist, ACBC anticipated a 90 degree V-8 derived from the 907 for road cars and, quite possibly, a top-tier race application. Note the comparable valve and bore sizes vis-a-vis the Cosworth DFV.


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