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Gearbox sealent

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I bought the stuff Renault specify when I bought the new case for mine. Can't tell you what it was called off the top of my head.

Just checked what I bought and its a Renault branded tube that simply says "sealing resin" on in.

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On my S3 (so Citroen box), I had wondered for a long time about the source of a slow but annoying leak, I eventually found it where somebody had plugged up a hole (that really should have had sealant stopping oil getting to the inside part of it), with car body filler. car body filler is porous, so the oil slowly seeped through the pores and hence the difficulty in tracing, looking for a hole/crack/ open joint.  So I'm sure you'll be fine,  if that person managed it.

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I used Liqui Moly liquid gasket, seems to work great on just about anything. We once did a field repair of a Range Rover gearbox with batroom silicone. That got us home and seemd fine as well, but we did replace it (with Liqui Moly) next time we were in there. IMHO, it just needs to do its job and be suitable for the relevant temperatures and oil etc.


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