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Hi guys,

just a heads up,back in January i printed out the application form to join the club and deposited the money via bank transfer(bad move) and proceeded to post the application.A month later ,after no response i contacted  the secretary(ElliotNicholls)

asking whats going on.Was told that the PO box isnt checked every week and that they would look into it.Fast forward two months later and still nothing even after i sent another email last week.Unable to get money back but lesson learned,next time

do credit card or paypal so you can get a refund if you get nothing in return.No bad blood,just some helpful advice.


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Just say this, Similarly I sent Eliot an email for a wanted add and that was some time ago and haven't heard back which is unusual.


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#####  update  #####

They received my application form today (9 months later) and acknowledge that payment was made in FEB,so my club card is in the mail.To make up for it,they will be making the expiry date be in late 2021.So all good in the end! just took a bit longer than usual.

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