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Hants virtual meeting!


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On 01/05/2020 at 20:21, pbharcourt said:

Pete When the 'little house' gets abandoned due to spiders (don't ask how I know!) You can use it as an engine building room.😁

Genius! 😀

Pete '79 S2

LEW Miss September 2009

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I luv off roaders, its very "zombie apocalypse".  It might come in handy soon if society collapses, or just to get the weekly shop.

What's that box on the top?

Dean, when this is all over I'll take you for a spin in the Elise if you like.

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So, how the Donald Duck is everyone?  Has anyone dug up the patio and buried the Wife yet?

We've furloughed a bunch of people on 70% pay, everyone else is short term working.  Which is nice.  Not least as I seem to be everyone's "Out of Office" for the day they don't work... which I'm not supposed to be working either...🙄

I've been out in the Evora twice since the middle of March, as I really don't want to be the guy at the side of the road in the bright orange car talking to the law about why I'm out and about.  I strongly suspect that passers by would be giving me the coffee hand shake.  I'm not sure my resolve is going to hold though, as dreams of shouting "you'll have to catch me first, Copper" and shooting off in the distance with the 5-Oh in tow are starting to feature heavily.  So if you see a mess of Orange Fibreglass, burning Michelins and exploding V-Power on the news, you'll know I've cracked.

 Sorry to hear you've been crook @Kevin Wheeler, but trust you're on the mend now?



@pbharcourt[email protected] me.  Time hasn't been kind to Noddy, has it?

@peteyg, that should have been a shed, not a house.  Man up, fella.

We're still planning to have the HantsFest Lotus meet when this is all over, I've been Harrowing and Rolling the fields in preparation.

Be safe all...


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I am improving day by day thanks @DaveC72. Apparently it takes two months to get over pneumonia and I can believe it.

i am not furloughed, nor are any of my staff. Believe it or not, accountants are quite in demand at the moment, since we seem to be able to help people get free money. Strange that, isn't it?

My wife is quite safe with me since she won't let me unload the dishwasher and is even threatening to mow the lawn again on Saturday.

The cars have come out of their garage a couple of times, but only to be cleaned and a tiny bit of maintenance. Like you I am just going to go for a drive soon. If I drive Deb to Tesco's and wait while she is in the shop, that is OK isn't it?

Looking forward to dragfest or whatever you call it! (I might need a comfier field though.)

...... and a pint!


Look after yourselves!

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What's wrong with me, I think a pistachio wedge is COOL!!!!     and loving the bunting.

Paul, that's going to be an interesting conversation with the insurance company:- "has the car been modified sir" .  As for the box on the roof it sounds like a swivel mount and .50 Cal are required.

Finally got the elise paint repairs all finished (in-between sessions of chain sawing the garden to death).  Not impressed with the colour match on the front, the cracks are all gone and its nice and shiny but it looks like I've hit a cream bun.  Mind you with it being 50 shades of white already and I cant see it while driving, who cares.  Its usually covered in dead bugs anyway but I can always redo it when I can get a better match or just wait until I hit something else.😢

Live long and prosper 🖖

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