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I'm wondering about all the different black colours available, especially on last 410/430 Exige.

Roof panel (if not in carbon), wing mirrors and rear transom are finished in "matt black".

Wheels are said to be "satin black".
At least they used to, because now in the online configurator they are "gloss black".

Are the "matt black" and the "satin black" really two different colours ?
Is the difference noticeable ?

I don't really enjoy the default standard rear transom black, and in the process of ordering a new car, I would be happy with a darker black, however without being shiny / glossy, I then wonder whether or not the "satin black" could be an answer.
Though I would then have to ask for the "satin black" wheels (instead of the new "gloss black" ones) to match.

As seen there, the "matt black" is a "soft feel" paint which then tends to never look clean / new.
If different, does the "satin black" physically look more like a standard paint, thus staying clean easier ?

Finally, is the windscreen frame (shown below) painted ?
In "matt black" as well by default ?

Thank you very much for your help !


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Hi mate.

Regarding the rear transom, I’m not sure why you think it doesn’t look clean/new with that finish. If done properly (as in by Lotus or by a quality paint shop), I think the finish looks excellent. My car came with the transom colour coded. I got it done in the soft feel black. Transformed the rear. 

Obviously not such an issue on darker cars. Mine is Burnt Orange. 

What colour are you considering speccing?

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Many thanks Gordon for your feedback 👍

I was more talking about how that matt finish looks / tends to look, rather than the Lotus paint job quality itself (which is perfect for sure).
IMO (IMO ! 🙂), that matt finish looks "unfinished", as if this part of the body was not painted at all (this is what I thought first).
And still according to this, it tends to stain easily (which I do believe, especially because of its "soft touch").

I also like the idea to have only one black variant all over the car (in addition of course to the main colour).
Which explains all my previous questions regarding "matt black" / "satin black" / "gloss black".

I should go for a Solid Yellow as the body colour 🙂

Thank you again !

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Thank you @JCERB !
I looked at your photos several times, where we see the back of your car at the Lotus factory :)
Sounds like your wheels are gloss black too ?

I managed to compare many photos of Exige fitted with "satin black" wheels, and for sure this colour seems different than the "matt black" used on the same cars for the roof panel, rear transom etc...
Does then "satin black" physically look more like a standard paint, with a clear coat finish, compared to the "soft feel" of the "matt black" ?

thank you again 👍

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To be honest gloss looks best, but I would say that! Ha ha. But then I think the original V6 S was the best looking over all the new ones, less fussy. Yes the wheels are gloss black too, so is the splitter, diffuser, intakes boot lid and spoiler. You saw it at the factory? It was Chris Buer's car. The roof looks better in body colour in my opinion, but each to their own. 

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