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traction control light stays on

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the traction control light of my evora stays on, anybody have any suggestions/experience?

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44 minutes ago, Peegee355 said:

Can you switch to Sport or Race mode?

No doesn't work either.

42 minutes ago, Bruss said:

Not had the problem, but I think there was something about brake switches and this , on here or the 'merican site?


Brake light switch is ok. 

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I had a dodgy brake light switch on my Evora a few years back. The traction control light came on, and both sport mode and cruise control became inoperative.

There is a method to reset the switch on this thread that which might work.


It involves removing the switch, pushing the plunger all the way in, then pulling it out five clicks, followed by reinstalling it.  I did a similar thing with the brake light switch but in situ, which seemed to work.

Lover of everything Lotus Cars and proud owner of production Evora No.75 (2nd UK customer specced car by VIN). Originally from the Far East....of Anglia, I read black box data for a living so that could explain a lot!

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many thanks Peter,Mark and Paul, already tried the brake switch this with no result.

Ordered sensors peter will let you know if this is the problem


many thanks to you all 👍

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  • 5 months later...

Had the car at van der Kooi, lotus importer in Holland.

As i have steering switched to the other side of the car  the steering angle sensor needed to be reset.

Problem solved.

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