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Anyone recommened a decent one?

Ideally would like to run it off the mains in the garage or work off the car battery.

Came across this one:

Anyone got any views?

Thanks in advance.

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Top Posters In This Topic

I've been using this for the past few months, perfectly adequate and portable. The lighter plug is not a great fit in the socket in my old Volvo but it works fine. And the power lead is long enough to reach my bike parked in front of the car. Ring do have an extensive range. 

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Thanks for the replies.

I have ordered the Ring Automotive RAC 900.

I will see how I get on when it is delivered.


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This is by far the best compact, truly portable 12V inflator/compressor I have owned, and as a motorcycle rider of over 50 years I have owned a few.  


I've had this one for about 15 years and it still works as it did when new although I haven't needed to call on it more than a handful of times. Regardless how little or much use it gets, it always works even if I haven't touched it for five years.   Nothing is as useless as a device you may only use a few times but fails at just the moment it is called upon.  This is the most most compact yet reliable unit I've found that can ride in the pannier or tank bag  of a motorcycle and absolutely be there for you when you hook it up after it's been thrashed in your riding luggage for ten years.  

They ship worldwide but I don't know what the freight is to the UK.   If you want the "Lotus of 12 V compressors" I think this is the one. 

I also have a ViAir (looks very similar to your 'new Ring' unit)  that I have used as a small on board compressor that I pressed into marine duty. It is of equal quality.  It's so similar to the Ring you might think they are made in the same factory but the form factor of the "Best Rest" is better for my on road needs since I prefer a unit that takes up as little space as possible.

My reply comes a bit late in this thread  but I mention it to add another option for those  looking for the smallest, lightest yet still reliable unit (especially well suited  for motorbikes) who might be well served by a more compact device.  It's likely my post has more currency for North American drivers and riders but I thought I'd throw them into the mix anyway.  . 



'17 Evora 400 MT 


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