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X180 wiper

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HI, it's been a long time since I visited, hope everyone is well.

My wiper is not activating at the first position, but works well when at the second position. It also does not return to rest correctly when i flick it to the off position.

I read that most of the time it is because of a faulty wiper delay module so I replaced it with a new one bought from SJ.

However, the problems remain.

Any idea what else I should look at? The wiring look to be alright, and I have tried to clean the contacts where I could.




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20 hours ago, sunste said:

Mine doesen’t stop and I think it’s the module but SJ doesen’t have them any more, can I buy yours 😅

HI, which year model is yours?

SJ seems to still have them in stock? Or they did not update their website?

this is the part diagram from deroure

part no. 60


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Mine is a 81, and I have tried to order it two times. But today I found the problem! The wiper didn’t stop beacuse the plastic switch was lose from the motor. It have to ”pres” the button to stop. Does anyone know if it’s supose to be glued in place on the motor?

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Anyone can advise?

I have replaced the wiper control module (Mine does not use the relay like the later models), but the slow wiper position still does not work. The fast position works fine.

And I read that sometimes the park position sensor needs cleaning the contacts so it will park properly again. Can I know if the park position sensor in on the motor under the dash?

Thank you.

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