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V6 clutch bearing replacement

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Hi all, I am new to the forum and thinking to replace the noisy clutch release bearing myself for a exige v6. Does anyone removed the gearbox before can point me the best way to complete the job? Looks like the gear box is right next to the sub frame, do we have to drop the whole engine? Or possible remove the gearbox by just tilting the engine? or clamshell off and lifting the engine out? Some descriptions of the removal steps would be really appreciated. 


Thanks in advance.



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6 hours ago, Mike L said:

I am getting the part from H111 but I am at New Zealand so cannot get help from them. Thanks telling me it is a clam off job it is a good start.

Officially it's a clam off job (hence 20+ hours). The alternative approach is like 14hours, but no idea what's involved. I do think it's without clam removal. (drive shafts, engine mount, tilt, split box+engine, replace, reverse?? IMO) 


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h111 can do it without engine removal...  they may share their secrets in PM message as you purchased the bits from them...   other wise its clam off engine out ..   my evora (same engine). had noisey release bearing was told it was normal.. by lotus silverstone when they pre inspected to sell it



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