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Lock Down Jobs on your cars?

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Well done.

I think my cars are significantly better off if I do not attempt any home 'improvements'. 

I have though been in the loft to check the spares supply and to arrange parts in somewhat better order. I found a few things to sell also (duplicates). 



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34 minutes ago, jep said: soon will be. (If I touched it). 

Me too.

I did spend several hours tidying up the rubbish tip that passes for my garage. Don't see any difference.


'97 V8

'73 Europa TC

'10 Elise SC

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I’ve done the main outstanding jobs of:

bleeding all 4 brake calipers (Thought that a bit of air had got into the system as had slightly more travel in the pedal after fitting the handbrake calipers). 

Re-calibrated the actuators on my climate control system to give me full temperature control and diagnosed Why the compressor wasn’t engaging (all fixed).

made a panel and a some trim to encase my climate control heater box and sealed it all up to stop any drafts and help maintain the internal temperature.

reattached the door lock mechanism which had decided to pop out of its clip and with the door card off replaced the led of the lotus symbol shadow light.

Replaced wiper with a Bosch aero twin blade.

Still to do:

fit passengers shadow light.

fit usb connector to panel in boot so that it’s easier to plug into the ecu.

install omex aux wiring harness for idle air control valve.

Decide whether to bother installing a usb charger, courtesy light and ecu usb connector into glove box.

Attempt to get lotus graphics Wallpaper onto the double din stereo.

what I should be doing:

going through the lockup and sorting out what needs to be thrown, what to keep and get together the lotus stuff to sell! 

don’t really want to wash it, as a neighbour reversed into it in the car park and damaged the front. Waiting for the lockdown to lift so that I can get it to the body shop and get it repaired.

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On my Evora I have been using the time to:


1) Permanently wire in my dashcam, via a BlackVue Power Magic Pro box to give a record while parked function. I've used those fuse-holder take off adapters to steal the power from the front fuse box, and done it via a busbar terminal block so that I can easily add other accessories in the future e.g. my next job is a permanently live front 12V power outlet.



2) Fed up with having to remove the front grill every autumn to scoop out leaves and other debris, and wishing that I had a fine wire mesh grill like the latest GT4xx Evoras, I've done some grill bodgery: bought some plastic mesh and fastened it to the back of my grill with black cable ties. Not bad for less than £8!




3) With the mats and front carpets out of the car to dry out (I still can't find out how the got wet in the first place as it's been bone dry since - maybe when I drove through a ford?), I made some templates and sent them to The mats arrived yesterday and I'm very pleased with them. The only niggle is that the grommet holes don't quite line up with the fasteners on the car floor, but the mats are so rigid and grippy that they aren't going to move anyway.


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Changed the original rear 3D Badging on my 400 for black stickers as per Evora 410 Sport and newer generations. 

Looks so much better in my opinion than the OE Chrome stuff. Thanks to devinehandcraft for the quality stickers.

Waiting for some Lotus OE Carbon parts to arrive soon to achieve a bit more of the 410 look.


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I only weigh 10.5 St don't think I've got much to worry about people spend thousands in the pursuit of saving weight with carbon this and that then when they get out of their cars it's plane to see that there was a fare easier and cheaper way to lighten the car . 😆

Plus it was £100 cheaper than a replacement plastic item  and yes your correct it's a bit heavier not much.


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