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2010 Exige Headlights in 2005 Elise?


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 Hello everybody, 

My name is Flo and I'm from Austria. 

I recently purchased a lotus Elise 111r from 2005 but there are also some bad news. 

I bought it without engine/gearbox/seats/dash/speedo/headlights/roof/brake master cylindre/suspension (coilovers) 

There are definitely missing some more parts I didn't recognized yet 😅

Before anybody asking why I did that - in Austria it's very difficult to get an lhs Elise from this year for a good price and I traded my car in and I also have a place with car lift and so on where I can work on the car. 

For the skills it's no problem for me to build that car I did much worse things in the past 😂

My question is cause I can't find headlights yet I found some from a 2010 Exige from the pictures they look very similar to the 2005 Elise headlights.

Can somebody confirm if they fit or not and why? 

Thanks alot so far and if someone have parts I need please write me a private message 🙂

Regards Flo

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You can find all of the parts lists on their Florian and compare the part numbers to see if they are the same. :thumbup:

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2010 Elise lights won't fit a 2005 Elise. 2005 have an outer lens and bezel that covers a recess in the bodywork. Later Elise have the outer lens and bezel bonded to a lamp housing, which drop into a hole in the bodywork. Very different and incompatible.

However, as you have a 2005 Elise, I have spare LHD light clusters from when I had my Elise in the Netherlands.

Part numbers A117M0091S and A117M0092S on:

PM me if of interest.

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The question is if the design itself on the light is the same so if I manage to make some brackets and open the housing on the front clam it could work as long as the light itself -  the cover has the same measurements as the 2005 light 🤔

Background is that I found a pair for lhd for a good price also I want to get rid of the smaller light housings on the front. 


Just wondering if that works 🤔

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