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Spal fan plug Wiring


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I’ve finally got the correct plugs to change my original Lotus fan plugs to match the Spal fan plugs to make a nicer job or the installation 


now I’m not very electronically minded so thought I would ask what the 3 wires are for in each fan cable

my assumption is the plug has the 12v feed and the earth, but then there is also a ring connector as if it has another earth that bolted to the Old radiator .  Just wondered if anyone could explain it for me





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The ring connector is / was used as a ground connection to the metal mounting brackets of the original fans. (the original fans had a metal housing). The spal fans are made of "plastic" omitting the use of the extra (in case of failure) ground connection.

So you can omit the extra ring / ground connection.

I have to do the same on may new radiator / spal fan combination. 

Esprit Freak

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Just a quick end to the thread as I hate reading threads that are left open


fans wired up using the correct molex plugs and crimpers that I got from Amazon and all working perfect.  Fastened the plugs to the cross beam to keep them out of the way and makes it easier if I ever have to remove the rad pack again 


as stated above I only used the 2 wires in the plugs 





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I ended up binning the connectors that came pre-fitted to my spal fans after some deliberarion and fitted some Tyco Superseal weather sealed connectors given their location. I also used some panel mount clips to properly secure the connectors to the fan mount frame.



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I did the same as metro. Except I kept the extra earths bolted them to the frame. They do nothing with the spals.

Just in case I revert to the old fans.........

On a side note. The wires are fused at 15 amp so are good for the extra current draw on start. 
I was also thinking of changing to waterproof connectors 

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