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Evora 410 Lithium Battery Questions!

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Hello looking for some advice please!

The car is kept in a garage away from home with no power. How do I avoid getting locked out of the car and having to smash the window? I have read that if I lock the car with key and battery dies then I'm screwed. And if I lock in manually I can still get in but I then still have the problem of getting it started. Things I have considered...

Keep driving the car every few days...

Battery Pack Charger/Jumper for when it goes flat or just leaving it plugged in (NOCO) but can I use this with Lithium Battery?

Any other suggestions very welcome! 








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No need to smash a window. The passenger door has a key hole and you can manually unlock the car that way.

Then once inside there is a rear hatch pull cable behind the carpet behind the seat. Give it a good tug and the rear hatch will unlock.

The 410Sport has a cutout switch on top of the battery. When the voltage drops to a certain level it cuts in, isolates the battery from the car. You need to reset it via the button on top of the battery. It's all in the owners manual, there is a little section included specifically for the Lithium battery. Your car should also come with a dedicated charger too for the battery.

You can of course swap out the Lithium battery for a normal one too - I think if you try to "jump start" the Lithium one it might go bang, like a box of semtex!  Probably not advisable :)

When you park up you could flick the battery isolation switch but then you'd need to reset your clock etc every time you drove it.


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Wow great info, thanks a lot.

Say the battery goes flat. I then open the door like you said to then pull the back release. I then have access to the battery and I hit the cut off switch on top to make it live again. Does the cutoff leave enough juice in it for the battery to start the car or would I have to then charge it before starting? Also can I use a charge/portable booster pack to charge it as I don’t have power in the garage? Presumably there are packs that can charge a lithium battery but not jump them? 

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It is in your owners handbook supplement about the battery as Andy said and also previously discussed here...

When the battery cuts itself out you need to press the button to reset it and there will be enough power to start the car. 

You CANNOT jump start a lithium battery. 


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Thanks Bibs but having read the topic the poster wasn’t able to start his car after clicking the cutout switch and also said that if the car is locked using the key he wouldn’t have been able to get back in?



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I'm a fan of Deltran Battery tenders (I currently have 18 on various vehicles/boats etc.). They sell solar controllers or panels with built in controllers:
I'm just not sure if they are compatible with lithium batteries. However, I'm sure an inquiry will answer that:   [email protected]
If they are not compatible, I'm sure there are solar panels that can power a compatible lithium battery charger out there.
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