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Value of a Non-Matching (Engine) Esprit Turbo


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My Federal (USA) model 1985 looks somewhat like your arrangement. Electric box cover is just flat aluminum secured by a tab at bottom and two M6 screws at the top.


EngineCover (6).JPG


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I did wonder about the cover when I saw the original picture with the header tank - hence my request for an image from the rear.

Looks like Thomas has the closest match.


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Does look radically different to the Domestic / Rest of World covers and engine bay surrounds.

@kalypso - Nice example you've found there. Assuming it's in good shape mechanically, you can enjoy the car now and sort the details as you go. Get it bought :)

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Do you guys have an opinion on what fair value on a car of this condition like this is?

I've used Hagerty and BringaTrailer as an idea but they're kinda all over the place. I figure you guys have seen the photos and can chime in with your two cents.

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