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Anyone Parting Out An S3?

Jeff T

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I need a rear bumper, Lower Rear Valnce, Fiberglass Tail Light Surround.

...Well I got caught in a bad rain storm in Vermont (USA) today on Route 89

South. The road was full of standing water and I hydroplaned out of

control going backwards about 70mph. I slide off the shoulder, through

some high grass and ended up stopped backed against a granite wall.

I am all right, perfectly fine. Not a scratch, I didn't even throw my

back out.

The car however sustained some damage. I am going to need a new rear

bumper, rear lower valance and the (fiberglass) tail light surround for

an S3. The tail pipe was bent around on the muffler/silencer. The front

valance moved backward about 1/4 on the passenger side, and there is a

stress crack beside the passengers head light pod that will have to be


The car goes perfectly straight down the road. In fact after the tow

truck pulled the car out of the shoulder, we straightened the exhaust

pipe and I drove the car home 2.5 hours.

I consider myself very lucky, I'm bummed about the car. Weather report

had the rain starting after 4pm, I'd have been home by then.

...Now the hunt begins for parts.


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Wally, Paul Butvila, had turbo rear bumper a while back. I think David Bean also has them. has the rear valance. They are a wrecking yard, so they may have the ohter parts too. The rear body section you want is A082B4593, I think this is the tuff part. Call JAE, they seem to have the low down on where to find parts they don't have.



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Bad news about the car - but great to hear that you're okay. There have been several really nasty stories about Esprits spinning in heavy rain.

Hope you get the parts you need.

Best wishes,


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Cly- I've bought parts off Frank at Sportscarworld in the past, and I checked last night, he does show the lower rear valance.

SJ Sportscars is showing everything in their parts catalog at reasonable prices. I am expecting an insurance adjuster begining of next week so I'll wait to hear what they offer me. I can do the paint and install myself, need be.

Simon- Thanks for the link, looks like the parts I want are gone, but very interesting (like a kid in a Candy shop). So many thanks.

Ben- Thanks for the support!

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Update- SJ Sportscars doesn't have parts for the Federal Cars. The tuff one is the rear spoiler off an S3 Turbo (preferably with the center brake light). Lotus Part # B082B4465K. Obsolete from Lotus, Sportscarworld doesn't have it.

Anyone parting out an S3 Turbo?

Thanks,-Jeff T

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Gutted for you mate will ahve a call round tomorrow and see if I can come up with anything for you.

Troy- I am going to try to repair my spoiler, If not then JAE (Lotus Parts Supplier) has a source in the USA to make new one.


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Update- I was able to repair my rear spoiler. Three coats of fiberglass resin and some serious sanding. I just finished wet sanding the color coat, I'll have to color caot it again and then clear it.

Thanks for your help (very much appreciated). All the rest of the parts are due friday from Dave Bean Engineering.

The car should be back on the road in two weeks time.

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My car is done, I just finished compounding and polishing the new paint today. Filled her up with gas and took a nice test drive. I am very happy with the results, took me about 60 hours of work start to finish.

Thanks to everyone that helped me source parts!

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