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Does anyone have any experience of adding a seal to a G car door frame.  Im sure ive seen them added which I believe came with the X180.  Supposed to reduce wind noise so wondering if it makes any difference and is a worthwhile modification.


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Yes. Do it. Big difference!

I bought some crescent shaped hollow rubber strip from Woolies years ago that was the right diameter for the channel. You will need to cut a 45 degree angle and glue 2 pieces together where they meet at the 90 degree corner at the top rear of the frame. Made a difference to water ingress when washing my car as well.


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I picked up the seal offered by SJ, probably that which is native to the Stevens cars but have yet to apply it. Expecting the task to be quite pedestrian as there cannot be great variance between the series' frame channels. 


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When I replaced the seal on my SE (also got it from SJ) it took several rounds with a soft hammer to get it seated properly. Not a 5min job, but not difficult, just takes patience.


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