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Rob Warren

Alternator and carb leak

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Got the non-charging alternator out today so will look for a suitable replacement. I was considering one of the uprated ones on eBay, has anyone bought one?


Taking the air box out revealed a leak on the 4th trumpet. I understand this is common. I'm new to Lotus so any comments and advice are greatly appreciated. Thanks










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Your link is only to a 65-amp alternator. All Turbos (Stevens, at least) used 90-amp units AFAIK.


The Bosch AL49X is a well-regarded substitute. While the outputs are similar, the Bosch unit provides more amperage at low RPM, so the battery and voltage regulators are not as stressed.

You may need to 'clock' it, that is: separate the front & back, and change the orientation of the rear of the unit so that the Esprit connectors reach.


Also, you need a longer bolt for the adjustment fitting that goes through the nylon strap.


You use the pulley from the old alternator.


A factory-refurbished Bosch unit only costs ~$135 USD from Rock Auto in the USA, but there is a core charge, so investigate sources near you to save on shipping.

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Atwell Haines

'88 Esprit

Succasunna, NJ USA

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As an alternative to a new one, I've used the Burghfield Starter and Alternator Centre near Reading to refurb a Vaelo unit like yours and they did a good job. Not sure what kind of service they are offering during lockdown, but there are lots of other companies across the UK who will refurb an alternator for you.

The fuel leak is most  likely down to the needle valves on the float chambers, you can get replacements from Eurocarbs.

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Normally Aspirated - and lovin' it!

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Alternator is now refurbished with new bearings. Voltage regulator had melted! Got a local firm to do it all for £65 so I'm pretty content with that! I'll fit it tomorrow, then on to the carbs! 

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