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It was very plain to see why the director and DOP decided to change the colour of the car from white to a metallic brown. One as an echo to the S1 and the other to actually stand out the bright and snowy Alpine  background. For a similar reason Monaco white was chosen for the S1. Harry's good, but he's no cinematographer!

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Happy. Found a copy at Zurich airport. I’m heading back to Singapore today and straight into a two week quarantine. It’s a surreal experience to fly these days. 28pax on an Airbus 350 Coming into Europe and a similar or possibly lower number heading back today. Stay safe folks and have a good summer.


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9 hours ago, Gis said:

28pax on an Airbus 350 Coming into Europe

I was in a flight once from Johannesburg to Nairobi with 4 pax on board. The person in front of me had to pay for excess baggage.

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