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Exige S2 or Elise Cup?


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22 hours ago, Mr said:

Thanks Guys .Collecting first thing Saturday morning.. pray for no rain for me!

Anyone know what the production run was on the S-Cups? Ive never one of them on the roads, although I do indirectly know another owner of a 250Cup.

From what Ive been told there were153 S/220 Cups made. The only difference was the stickers.

This info was written on a certificate of provenance from Lotus.

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@Neal HThanks! Aggressive is exactly the word!

its got quite back stone chips to the side sill barge boards on both sides, and also just in front of the wheel arch, so might replace/respray those and get some rear quarter panel protectors.

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Welcome to the club.
First thing I did when I bought my Cup was cover all the black bits in matt PPF. The rubberised paint thatLotus use is absolutely rubbish. Its an interior paint not meant to be used on the outside.
I also used some rubber U channel around the edge of the rear pods. Just makes them bulletproof.



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1 hour ago, Mr said:

@Composite guruIll give it a go! Any tips??

Where do you buy the black PPF?

Did you snap any of the p-rivets when you took them off?? Or do they unscrew ok?

Hi James, the PPF is clear but has a matte finish. I got mine from work as we use it on our race cars.
Xpel make a matte PPF called Stealth. Readily available from what Im aware.
The Pods come off quite easily. 1 scrivet in the wheel arch and 2 bolts underneath the sill.


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6 hours ago, JG220 said:

I'd be very cautious is removing those triangles. I've heard of a few sills cracking where they bolt on.

Ive taken mine off 3 times for re-covering.
come off real easy.

if they have never been off then there is a chance of corroded bolts. I always install any bolts with copaslip. No issues.

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