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Lotus Eclat RHD

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Hello Everybody!

I recently found out that the Eclat exists, and instantly, I fell in love with it. I live in mid/eastern Europe, and almost all of the vehicles I found online was left hand drive. I am a bit concerned, since if I own something this cool, I tend to use it every day, and this may will bother me in the future. I feel really passionate about this car, it has the style and for a reasonable price. Is it even possible to find a left hand drive one? (I am not really looking for a mint condition one, I love to fix stuff) Somebody mentioned in one ad, that it is not a big deal to convert a LHD to a RHD, but I doubt that. Anyhow, I appreciate any help and advice.


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So you are asking whether it is possible to drive a RHD Eclat in a LHD world? If so, yes it is. There are only very few LHD in existence and they barely come up to sell. 


Everything is possible. Even converting. But it is a lot of work and from experience I doubt, it will be worth all the hassles. You get used to drive it like that. Try it, maybe in another occasion and judge yourself. 

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How much work is it? The main part of the dash is mostly agnostic with a little modification and glass fibre work and I suspect the glove box and instrument binicle may be interchangeable. A new steering rack of course but the brake master cylinder will fit in the space in the body which is also agnostic after cutting holes out. Steering column and pedal box will be reusable.... Of course the steering column needs to get past the exhaust manifold?

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