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distributorless ignition ?


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Hi all,

I opened this topic to see if there is knowledge or experience on the forum regarding conversion towards distributorless ignition on an early 907 / 912 engine.

There are some very good reasons to do this kind of conversion to an older 907/912 engine being:

 * Get those high tension sparks away from under the carbs : This diminishes the risk of an engine/car fire to a great extent in the case of a carb leak

 *The timing of a distributorless ignition is way more stable and accurate and will be better on high revs.

 *Less moving parts involved that need maintenance and can go wrong, no worn distributorcaps/arms, less loss of energy, higher sparkenergy.

This should create a more smooth running engine.

I have a good working pertronix system in my distributorcap, combined with a more then capable flamethrower coil and I made my own sparkplugwires out of hightension copper leads. but I thing there still is a gain in making a distributorless system, for the reasons above.

I think I know what's involved, but I do not want to reinvent the wheel, because often a reconversion comes with trouble when done the first time so....

If anyone can come up with information regarding :

 * What triggerwheel can be used and from where ( another car ? a supplier ? ) and is it easy to bolt it on the crankshaft pulley

 * What triggersensor is used and how is the best way to make a stable bracket

 * Is a ford EDIS system the best choice ?

 * Any information on a free programmable unit that is really stable in all condition + a map that suits my 2.2 912NA engine ?

anyway, lets gather some usefull information here.







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On 10/06/2020 at 04:40, semi42 said:

I fitted a mega jolt system on mine around 10 years ago and never looked back 

built the mega jolt from kit form , think these are unavailable now but the ready built units are. 
Edis , coil pack and sensors from a fiesta.


Where did you get the map for MJ?  I'm installing MJ on my '88 turbo with Bosch CIS K-Jetronic injection and sooner or later will need to map it.


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Mines a  n/a 907 and the generic starter map values were the same as the lotus spec so loading the map was simple without any tweaking.


there is a guy on the auto sports forum who has mapped a turbo and his info is here


the mega jolt software allows for easy modification to any map or to simply input your own


Good luck!

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