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Elite tyres - 205/60R14

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Hi All,

I have new to me barn find Elite s1 (GEB193N). Tyres are extremely old. So I need 4 tyres just to get the Elite off of the ground to move it.

Please can anyone recommend 205/60R14 tyres that will live through restoration and drive well once Elite is on the road

Elite s1 tyres are hard to find and as Elite has original wheels keen to fit recommended tyres



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I had the same problem although my old tyres held enough air for long enough for me to move the car. I brought these

Which have lasted through the restoration so far (6 years and counting). I don't know what they are like to drive on.

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I think these are possibly the best of what is currently available. I bought a couple last year, and quite happy with them.

I did find some V-rated ones a few years ago, Goodride or something? But they were very slippery, and not impressed.

Cheapest source I could quickly find was here:

The cheaper ones were thirty five pounds odd, but I guess you get what you pay for.

Kumho Ecsta HS51      205/60 R14 88H


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I'm using Nankang NS-2 tyres on my Eclat. They probably wouldn't stand up to too many hotlaps around the Nurburgring, but neither would the car! I've had no issues with normal driving on them in the dry.

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I'd love to do the Nurburgring in my Lotus Elite s1, you've put an excellent idea in my head. But i'd agree tyres would not last a last. now being serious, does the tread pattern suit the look of the 70's Lotus as it looks a bit sporty as in "boy racer"  cheers

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16 hours ago, gvy said:

I use the nankang Ultra sport NS2  205 60 R14 on the front of my Esprit s2.2 and I am actually really pleased with them. On the back I have nankang Toursport NS 215 65 R14

You are right that they do not have a 70ties tread pattern, but I don't mind. Since my esprit needs different tires in the back and front and in 14" it becomes impossible to find a matching pair, I solved it by drawing the attention from the tread to the wall of the tires.

Fake, I know , but even the lettertype is 70ties

And I did a thorough job. I grinded away Nankang, before applying the goodyear letters. I would not do this to a modern car, but a seventies / eighties sportscar can have this sort of details. There are actually official pictures around from 8ties esprit with these white letter goodyear tires. If I could buy proper good years , I would, but they do not exist in 14" anymore.

28659702817_bc90eb9947_z.jpgSAM_7518 by gvygvy, on Flickr

43499984532_b0016ebbfb_z.jpgSAM_7521 by gvygvy, on Flickr



That looks great although I'd be terrified at the thought of me grinding away at tyres!

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6 hours ago, nrb993 said:

Very Impressed - Now the Important question - What speed have you tested the tyres at please !

It is not that I "tested" the tires. They are on my Esprit, I use them also on the highway, but here in Belgium the speedlimit is 120km/u. Of course I have done (a lot) more (+180 km/)but that must surely have been in Germany.....😎

Tbh. I don't think the speed is what you have to worry about, They are rated H (130mph 210km/h), I think they are excellent dry weather tires. I really like to drive quick on the B roads in the bends with the old lady and I have never been surprised .I cannot really rate them in the wet because I don't often use the esprit in the wet. I am sure there will be better all round tires in the premium brands,( sadly not in 14"), but those Nankang are just fine and nothing to worry about .


Now , about grinding away raised letters on a tire.... Really nothing spectacular here. I work a lot with rubber (as a hobby) and you can simply use an angle grinder with a flex sanding disk. Unless one is stupid and rude enought to grind full into the tire, it is safe and plain simple to remove raised letters. You do not have to go into the tirewall.

Most people who apply aftermarket raised white letters glue them over the existing letters, but it looks way better this way . Even if you look close up, you don't see what was done.

Here you see the tire after grinding away Nankang and before applying the Good Year raised rubber letters


43547382361_afbfdb3de5_z.jpgSAM_7514 by gvygvy, on Flickr



M_7516 by gvygvy, on Flickr

With the letters applied: You can click and zoom in on it. Barely noticable there was something else on there before

42612246795_5c31538e67_z.jpgSAM_7512 by gvygvy, on Flickr


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Hankook also offers the correct size. I use them on my Excel and several customers are happy with them on non-Lotus cars as well. They're directional, but don't look too modern I think.


I have made many mistakes in my life. Buying a multiple Lotus is not one of them.


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I was a bit hung up here, the technical survey guys require me to have V tyres since the car is Theoretically listed with 212kmh top speed.

I managed to find place in France ( wo sell  the GALAXY 205/60R14 88V FORMULA X, which is apperantly the only new V type tyre currently on the market. The rest to be found was leftovers from previeos productions, but a alread 5 years old "new", or better to say unused, tyre dos not make much sense.

Havnt driven them much but but I am satisfied.


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