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V8 Camshaft Locking Cap T000T1336F...


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Hi All,

I am going through my V8 slowly dismantling the engine before tackling the rebuild and I am slowly accumulating the special tools I need (or creating a list of which I need to buy) and I am struggling to see the need for the Camshaft Locking Cap T000T1336F and shown below, item # 1.


The manual suggests that you need four of these but DeRoure states only 1 per car is needed and lists it at £127, I don't fancy paying that unnecessarily, even less so four time that, or do they come in a set of 4?


In the manual they are used during re-installation and replace caps 3&4, they seem to lock the cams in place while the cam pulleys are fitted, but they also use the setting pins TOOOT1337 and tell you to remove both and use a spanner to hold the camshafts still when tightening the cam pulley bolts to the correct torque.


What are these locking caps doing that the setting pin and/or spanner isn't ?

If it's £127 for a set of 4 I'm likely to buy them and follow the manual verbatim, however if I need to spend £500+ that's a completely different ball game. 🙂 



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Looks like the pins set the position, the clamps lock it there and the spanner is to leaver against. If you don’t lock the cam the setting pin could be sheared when tightening. I can’t see why you can’t just do one at a time ? Or 2 (one head).

I’m sure someone who actually knows the answer will let you know 👍

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the camshaft clamping caps are used to pull the camshafts into the cam journals equally against the lifter and valve spring pressure. The tool is installed in the middle of the camshaft allowing for the cam caps and fasteners to be installed with out damage to the camshaft of caps.


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Thanks, it wasn't clear originally if I needed 1 part number which included 4 items or if I needed to buy 4 of the one part number. Turns out I needed to buy 4x of the one part number at 4x the cost. 😞 

I have them now so when I'm ready nothing should get damaged. 🙂  

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