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Exige Vivid Green EX 460 Hockenheimring

Wilbert Camshaft

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The gearbox oilcooler is applied, but even so the gearchange from 3 to 4th gear was far from perfect to say the least..., KomoTec ventilated the 240 mm sport clutch, but I doubt that the real cause of these problems is identfied yet...

The noise you can hear at 7:38 was very disturbing to me and sounded much worse in real than you can hear it in the video - given that repeated breaking from 250 to 50 calls for dependability of all parts it was an annoying fault that unfortunately could not be located on the spot by the KomoTec mechanics.

A few days later the car was checked by KomoTec in Mendig and it turned out that the rear wheels have touched the inside wheel-house plastic-casing on that bumpy part of the track under heavy breaking - I guess that's due to the adjustment of the Nitron 2way chassis...

The suggested solution: I will fit 5mm spacers at the rear next time on the track (02.08. Hockenheim again...) and hopefully the spacers will fix the problem.

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An Interesting project you have done there Wilbert,  I have a Vivid Green Cup 430, a fantastic colour IMO.

With regards to spacers, are you referring to wheel spacers for the hub ? I enquired about wheel hub spacers on the forum and no one seemed to know who sold them.




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I bought the spacers at KomoTec, although the spacers apparently are not offered in the shop.

The spacers come with extended Lotus wheel bolts - the set was sold for 129 Euro. 5 mm each side was the smallest available size. BTW: I'am still exited about the Vivid Grenn every time I see may car, it's just perfect!!

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430 Cup has 3mm spacers on the rear from the factory to allow the 285 rear tyres. I'd personally be nervous fitting spacers any bigger without properly testing first. You'd have to take the spring out of the damper (and ideally disconnect the ARB) and check the wheel clearance throughout the travel as you move the wheel up and down. Of course it's worth taking into account that the tyre will move a bit under load, as will the bushes potentially a tiny bit.  Overall, I suspect there are much better things for performance gain than wheel spacers, I suggest LSD as the first thing to look at.




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I saw this pic on a Komotec post - your car looks fantastic - great stance... hope ok to post - if not will take it down 


Do you know what spring rates you have on the nitrons?

looking to order some for my 380 and wondering what to go for.

i think standard v6 Cup is 550/1100 but seriously lotus recommend:

550/850 - fast road / track or

850/1100 - track day 


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