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380/430 rear wing compatibility parts

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i was wondering if anyone in the know can direct me. Im interested in getting the rear wing look on my car to resemble the 430 cup. Does the 380 cup rear carbon wing fit with the aluminium uprights of the 430 cup??? so if i were to purchase the 380 carbon rear wing i would like to use the uprights of 430 cup as imo i feel it looks better and it appears to make the rear wing sit a bit higher. That brings me to next question, looking at deroure website, it appears the bolts and screws etc are different on both wings but the wing plastic side supports on tailgate are the same. I would like to also use the 430 wing 'end plates' on the 380 carbon this possible or are the drill holes in different spots? looking at the deroure website, it appears that the 380 and 430 share the same actual carbon wing but the 380 is more expensive for some reason??

so in case ive confused you a nutshell, i would like to if possible, use the carbon  '380 style' rear wing from simply sports cars, but with genuine lotus 430 cup wing end plates and 430 cup aluminium uprights.....any help greatly appreciated!


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It’s been done before - I saw it on a car advertised for sale abroad. Looked really good. From memory I’m sure it was a Cup430 with Cup380 wing, so exactly what you’re looking for. I’ll have a look to see if I can find a photo 

edit : this is the car here but the advert appears to have been pulled. The angle of the wing was set too flat but other than that it looked good.


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Thanks for responses.....i had a read of that other thread and only useful info i got from it was that the wing 'end plates' from the 380 cup and 430 cup can be swapped on either wing which is good for me. 

I still find it odd that lotus charges 500 pound more for the 380 cup wing compared to 430 cup wing. 

The look i want ultimately is the 430 cup wing so does anyone know if both carbon versions are the same for 380/430 in size, width, length and shape from lotus?

Simply sports cars in sydney australia sells a '380 cup style' carbon wing which in terms of $$$ is way more affordable than shipping over a genuine carbon version from lotus as the exchange rate is a killer......if this wing from SSC is a direct copy of the lotus 380 cup wing, than im sure i can buy genuine lotus 430 cup uprights and end plates and get that 430 cup wing look.

Hopefully someone whos bought the SSC version can verify?


Thanks for reply stephen, ive seen that car when it was for sale a while back....i remember screen shotting pics of it when i was trying to decide on a colour for my lotus

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@Sotirios Here’s the SSC 380Cup rear wing👍 Certainly makes more financial sense than shipping one from Lotus given this is clearly closer to you. I don’t think you’d notice the difference as it’s identical. Order the 430 supports from Lotus. I might yet do the same myself, although I love this look😎





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@stephenwhyte thanks stephen, you've pretty much verified everything i need to know....good news is it can be done which is awesome. I love the 410 carbon wing but i think the straight wing makes the car look more aggressive....your car looks great btw, the rear wing and 380 front splitter look good together in that front end pic. Im safe to assume the 430 uprights sit the wing a tad higher than the 380 or SSC uprights? i dont mind the 380 end plates either if i bought the wing from SSC as they are carbon. 

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for anybody interested, can confirm the 430cup and 380 cup uprights and wing end plates are all interchangeable.

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