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Newbie Exige buyer :-)

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Hi all

I'm so excited about Lotus Exige cars. Almost 6 months I studying everything about it.

I want to buy second hand Exige 380 Sport or Exige 380 Sport GP limited edition both are made in 2018. I dont have budget for 410 Sport.

Can you guys give me some advice's what I should check when I will buy second hand Exige 380 car? What are often problems? Can be most of problems detected by computer in ECU?

Thank you very much for your advice


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Yes, it seems like good point. But anyway still biggest challenge for me, is to know what is important to check in case of buying second hand Exige? I know what are common problems in other marks (BMW,AUDI etc...) but in Lotus I'm totally newbie... 🙂

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Save yourself thousands and get a V6S, superb. At the end of the day they are all great cars. I prefer the look of the early cars, regardless. But each to their own.

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Not unless you're serious about tracking the car and getting serious. The KT370 kit certainly helps with heat soak. Not sure if that kit is compatible with a 380 though?

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