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Something really different compared to Esprit

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I have not driven Esprit much lately, because I did buy another "hobby"  car, which needed bit tlc to be In reliable driving condition. 

Driving experience is totally different compared to Esprit. Hitting the apex with this barge is somewhat harder. You can congratulate yourself if You stay between the ditches😊


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"Older I get, faster I was"

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11 minutes ago, Dan E said:

Wing Mirrors 😂, haven’t seen a set of them in years! It’s so uncool it is actually cool 

Also WTF is it? 

Guess what? 

It is the car that not many people in Europe regognizes. It has the steering on the right side, which is not the Best option here, but there was no other option. I will add some more pictures. 

"Older I get, faster I was"

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29 minutes ago, tomcattom said:

With a bit of help from my friend Mr Google I believe it's a Nissan President?


1989-model. Last of that bodystyle. It was sale locally In the winter and because it is virtually unknown model  in Europe it was quite affordable. I have Bern fancied old american car in pristine condition, but I figured that maybe japanese 30 years younger knock off might be more workable. Only about 100 thousand miles and no rust. Bigger V-8 than on Esprit, but not much power. And does not make You want to drive fast. Steering is light without any feel whatsoever. In Finland if You have over 30-years old car or motorcycle, You can get rid of road tax and get insurance which costs 30 euroa per year. 

MOT is In every fourth year. There is a limit of 30 days of use per year for a car with such status, but it is not strickly governed. Sure likes petril though. Last filling was 14.2 litres per 100km. Worst one was 18.

5 minutes ago, Bazza 907 said:

I went in something very similar in Cuba - It was a Russian car I think.

People here usually mistakes it Tsaikha or Gaz so there must be some similarity. 

"Older I get, faster I was"

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