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1 step forward, 2 back

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Feeling down today I thought I was getting on well as a complete beginner, slowly fixing the odd issue on my 74 Elite. However tried to start my car today and the key wont go into the ignition and the wheel is locked.
Anyone got any ideas?
I suspect im going to need a whole new steering lock / ignition switch.

If thats the case any tips on replacing this without ripping out the dash or steering wheel as thats probably beyond my abilities.



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I know the feeling. The common thought is that these things were sent to try us which is why we must have brought a lotus in the first place!

You may not need to take the dash out but the upper part of the steering column may need to come out.

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Try wiggling the steering wheel whilst trying to put the key in. If you have some spray grease, you could try a squirt into the barrel.


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It's getting there......

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There is a grub screw that holds the switch part in the key cylinder part...does this make sense.

Remove the switch and you can start with a screw driver

Ideally best to replace the faulty part



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Don't give up, it's a very nice looking car! And it will all be worth it once you can drive it. You'll also get a huge amount of satisfaction from doing stuff yourself, and less worries using it because you'll know what to look for should something need attention again.


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I have made many mistakes in my life. Buying a multiple Lotus is not one of them.


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Quick update, found my motivation again!
I couldnt get the barrel to align enough to allow me to get the key in either by lubricating and wiggling or giving it a tap. Also couldnt get to any grub screws, possibly hidden by console.

I have removed the steering wheel, came off pretty easy after i had removed the cover, nut and wiggled it a bit. That allowed me to remove the central part of the console.
I can now see enough of the steering lock/ignition assembly to see where the bolts are. Was hoping they hadnt been sheared off as read  a few posts where they got lucky.

Me? not so lucky so looks like i will need to drill out the shear bolts if i want to replace the whole unit...

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