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Radio Removal......

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Hi, I hope everyone is well and apologies not to post on here for such a long time!  I'm slowly making head way with TWC 21N - Lotus 502 and I've just got around to looking the radio functionality or the lack of it.  Do you really have to remove the dashboard to remove the radio?? 

I really must post some updated pics shortly.....

Thanks in advance, Matthew.

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You shouldn't have to - the radio fits into a standard slot and should come out once the frame catches are released - maybe you need to poke a removal tool down the sides of the radio?

Look forward to seeing how you're getting on!


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If it is an original radio you need to take the side panels off in the footwell, remove the radio knobs and there will be some securing nuts that need to be removed. The radio should then push out backwards and you can slide it out on one of the sides. Be careful off the aerial plug and any connectors. 

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Richard - David, thank you for your replies - much appreciated.  OK, I have only accessed the passenger side and the radio then seems to hit possibly the heater matrix, I'll try later after work with the drivers side and go from there. Yes, this is original S1 with the radio held in by the two volume/tuning nuts.

Now, how easy is it to remove the clock without pulling the dash out!??! 🤣  Thanks again👍

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I just had my center switch panel out... quite a job. I was trying to get my AC working... FAIL.  But at least I got the blower to work. You have to pull the AC vents out, there nuts on either side of the panel that you have to access thru the vent holes. Also you must pull the window switches on top as there are two screws hidden above them.  One through each switch hole. They screw in upwards into the dash top. You can just let the switches dangle and not disconnect the wiring. The AC evaporator is what is right behind the radio and vents.

With any luck you should be able to squeeze a radio in there without pulling anymore switches than needed.  I had all of mine out, the wiring is a mess back there either have a pad and pencil ready or take plenty of pics so you can get the wiring correct on reassembly.

Good Luck!

'89 Esprit, '77 Elite 503, '72 MGB, '95 XJ12, '10 Mini Cooper, '67 Imperial, '78 New Yorker, '76 Town & Country '73 Cessna 150

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